Sixth place in rainy ThaiGP

With three races left to be contested, today’s sixth place by Enea Bastianini leaves many scenarios open for the championship standings. The rider #23 is defending fourth place from Miller (who trails him by only one point), but looks ahead to Aleix Espargaró’s third place, which is now 19 points away.

The Thai race was a very complicated one, with Oliveira the surprising winner (probably not even that much) and Quartararo incredibly empty handed. This 17th round was scary at times in some laps – as Enea himself claimed – due to pouring rain at times even ‘terrifying’.

“I’m quite happy. Too bad for the start as my mapping was inadequate and I couldn’t push as hard as I could have during the first lap. I was able to change it and stayed with the same settings for the whole race. The first ten laps were quite difficult, and I can’t deny I was scared… you couldn’t see a thing. Then the rain lowered its intensity and I think sixth today was our real goal. We got it and it’s good. Now we need to keep believing in the last three races, the classification is very tight at the top with many potential winners.”